Every job is different, so every package is tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Boutique-style Professional Video Production Rentals

All rentals are facilitated through our sister-company, RAW rental house.

RRH is a boutique-style, camera and grip/lighting equipment rental company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our passion is to support local filmmakers in the Alberta film industry.

We believe that our attention to detail, personal service, and ability to understand the challenges you face in the field make us the right source for all your film and television equipment rentals.

We know that every project comes with a unique set of requirements, as experienced industry professionals. That’s why we take the time to tailor each equipment rental to suit your exact needs. To view all of our available equipment, head

Quality, Well-Maintained Gear

Camera rental shouldn’t cost you time (and money) in set-up. You need to be rolling every possible minute; not tweaking settings and menu surfing. With RAW rental house, you are not getting a “rental camera” or “rental lighting”, you are getting our own gear, maintained and cared for, set up for your unique needs.

Flexible Pick Up and Drop Off

Got an early morning shoot? Have to pull and all-nighter? We understand the hours of production life. That’s why we’re flexible on pick-up and drop-off times. There’s no point paying to have production rental gear sitting in the truck waiting for the supplier to open. We want to get it to you promptly and get it back efficiently.

Flexible and Affordable Rates

There’s more to video production rentals than just putting gear in cases and having it ready on time. It needs to be the right gear at the right price. RAW rental house works with every client to develop the package that works best for their shoot, both technically and financially.

“The entire camera team at Keen Eye is fantastic to work with and never fail to deliver.”
Jeremy Chugg, Director, Brainstorm Productions