Cinematography Services

Powerful imagery is the calling card of every successful production.

Powerful Digital Cinematography For Successful Media Production

Script, audio and graphics, all play equally important roles in a media production… but it’s those first few frames of video that determine whether or not the audience is truly engaged or merely watching. To be able to capture and hold the audience’s attention is the one aspect of the cinematographer’s art. The other aspect – perhaps the most important one – is to be able to understand the producer’s need or the director’s vision to ensure that every frame is shot with clear purpose.

We will help you engage your audience so they are captivated and entertained. Keen Eye’s exceptional digital cinematography services ensure that people will actually connect and become involved with your media production. Ultimately, the viewer will be moved to the position that best suits your unique needs. That’s the return that Keen Eye provides. That’s what you should expect of your digital media production.

Keen Eye is a production service company that understands that, whether a documentary, feature film or corporate video production, clients demand a return on their production investment. We help our clients to optimize that return. We help keep costs down by understanding your needs and meticulously planning to meet them. We increase impact by taking care that every shot is exactly right. Keen Eye gives every video production we work on the very best in technical and creative craftsmanship.

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“As a producer, I found that Kelly always brought back the material that allowed us to tell the story in post. As a director, I had a great collaboration with Kelly. He brought my vision to the screen, strengthening it with strong, creative ideas.”
– Chuck Scott, Producer/Director, BBC and National Geographic