• Video Production Rentals

    "As a producer, I found that Kelly always brought back the material that allowed us to tell the story in post. As a director, I had a great collaboration with Kelly. He brought my vision to the screen, strengthening it with strong, creative ideas. "

    - Chuck Scott, Producer/Director, BBC and National Geographic

  • Video Production Rentals

    "The entire camera team at Keen Eye is fantastic to work with and never fail to deliver."

    - Jeremy Chugg, Director, Brainstorm Productions

  • Video Production Rentals

    "[Kelly's] smart, with a great sense of humour that everyone on the crew enjoys; and he can dialogue with the director, offering creative options on the best way to shoot a scene."

    - Matt Welsh, Gemini Award Winning Director

  • Video Production Rentals

    "In documentary shooting, even in another language, Kelly can anticipate the important shot."

    - Matt Welsh, Documentary Director

Boutique-style Professional Video Production Rentals

At Keen Eye, we are videographers too, so we understand how important it is—and how challenging it can be—to rent the right video production gear at the right price. We believe that our attention to detail, personal service, and ability to understand the challenges you face in the field make us the right source for all your rentals.

We know that every project comes with a unique set of requirements. That's why we tailor each equipment rental to suit your exact needs.

Our video production rentals include:

  • Flexible pricing and affordable rates.
    There's more to video production rentals than just putting gear in cases and having it ready on time. It needs to be the right gear at the right price. Keen Eye works with every client to develop the equipment package that works best for their shoot, both technically and financially. Plus, we always have the gear ready on time, because that's still important, too.

  • Quality, well-maintained cameras and gear, custom prepped to your specifications.
    Camera rental shouldn't cost you time (and money) in set-up. You need to be rolling every possible minute; not tweaking settings and menu surfing. We work with DOP's and shooters to ensure that everything is custom prepped for your shoot. With Keen Eye, you are not getting a "rental camera" or "rental lighting"; you are getting our own gear, lovingly maintained and cared for, set up for your unique needs.

  • Flexible pickup and drop off.
    Got an early morning shoot? We’ve been there and done that. Have to pull an all-nighter? We know just how tough that can be. That's why we're flexible on pickup and drop off times. There's no point paying to have production rental gear sitting in your truck, waiting for your supplier to open. Been there. Done that. We didn't like it either.

  • Dedicated, professional support.
    We do more than simply provide camera rentals and lighting rentals. We work with you every step of the way to make sure that you have the best possible video production experience when renting from Keen Eye. We work with you to determine your needs beforehand, and we’re just a call away if you need some inputs while you're on a shoot.

  • A variety of formats and rate packages.
    Keen Eye will help you get exactly the right gear for your video production. From mini DV to full HD, and everything in between, we will custom fit your video production rental package to your project.

Contact Keen Eye with the details for your next production project and we’ll develop a custom quote just for you.


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