• Cinematography Services

    "Kelly will do whatever it takes to get the right shot. Kelly's shooting is a cut above the rest."

    - Shauna Scott, Producer/Director, POV Sports, CBC

  • Cinematography Services

    "Kelly is such an incredible asset to any shoot. He has a brilliant, razor sharp eye, is technically super solid, and is unfazed by pressure in any circumstance."

    - Alex Gower-Jackson, Freelance Director (Tourism Specialist)

  • Cinematography Services

    "Seamlessly adaptable to many different styles and genres from beautifully lit interviews to a gonza hand-held style scene, Kelly stands out in his field."

    - Neil Thomas, Freelance Director

Great gear adds to a great end product!

Keen Eye configures every package to meet the unique requirements of your shoot. The right gear, the right people, the right rates... a partnership with our client. That's how we like to work. All Packages are available in Standard or Hi-Def formats ranging from mini-DV all the way to 10bit 4:2:2 HD.

Camera Packages

ENG package

The bare bones for "run and gun" shooting. Standard broadcast lens, basic lights and audio, tripod and accessories. Perfect for "news" style shoots, documenting events, legal depositions, or basic stock footage gathering.

Basic EFP Package

Adds a few extras for elevated production value and a seamless production experience. Includes the ENG package with an upgrades of a 3 light kit, 7" HD monitor , wireless mic, your choice of lens and 2 c-stands with sand bags.

Enhanced EFP Package

This is our workhorse and is the most versatile package Keen Eye offers. Includes everything in the basic package but adds/upgrades to a 4 light tungsten kit, 1 Diva kit, 17" HD monitor, 4 c-stands with sandbags, power and accessories. This is the package for higher level Entertainment, EPK, Sports and news features, and even corporate and promotional shoots.

Documentary/Lifestyle/Reality Package

Because of the different demands of this type of shooting we have blended a few things from the Basic and Enhanced EFP Package. Included is a wide angle broadcast lens, 3 light kit, 1 Diva kit, wireless video with portable monitor, matte box with filters, portable reflectors and flags, high hat, and 2 c-stands with sandbags all transported in our off-road capable 7 passenger production vehicle.

Commercial/Dramatic Production Package

Everything... plus the kitchen sink. Comes with a production vehicle pulling a trailer full of gear. In addition to all the goods from our other packages, we include Broadcast wide angle and standard lens, 3 HMI's (1200w, 400w, 200w), 2000w generator, 2 Diva lights, 14 tungsten lights, doorway dolly with bazooka and track, 10 c-stands with 20 sandbags, flag kit, 7' jib arm, and grip/lighting accessories. Match it all with a Panasonic HDX900, Panasonic P2 Varicam, or RED® camera to make the perfect, high-end production package.

We also have sundry gear such as teleprompters, camera mounting kits, 32' jib arm, Depth of field adapter with prime lens and many more items to augment your production.

Once this choice is made we move to adding the right camera to suit your productions needs.

Contact Keen Eye to discuss custom packages, rates and accessories for your next shoot.


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